About us

Our services include a range of recreational, respite and educational activities for BAME disabled children and their families, these are offered alongside support, information and advice. Khaas combines cultural competence in working with the BAME community with a workforce with the skills and knowledge to deliver services that meet the needs of the community we work with.

We are a small staff team of two part time co-ordinators, a part time outreach worker and sessional staff who lead our activity sessions.

All of our staff are DBS checked. Khaas staff are able to speak many community languages, such as Urdu, Punjabi, Bangla, Somali and English


Khaas Services Include

  • Saturday Respite Care
  • Summer Holiday Play scheme
  • Easter holiday and half term play scheme
  • One to one support to parents and carers
  • Provide Respite for parents and carers
  • Provide consultation and advocacy for children with disabilities and their families, across the City.
  • Link parents and carers into the broad range of services (including health sessions)
  • Provide information about and support in accessing services within Bristol
  • Encourage families to come together to provide peer support
  • Involve disabled users’ siblings in play and other organised provision.
  • Partnership work with other local community organisations to provide a stronger voice.
  • Family trips
  • Short accredited and non-accredited courses
  • Information and discussion workshops with health professionals.
  • Relaxation therapies
  • Keep fit
Woodside centre

Khaas is the only service of its kind in the Southwest that has worked across the Bristol area delivering services to improve the lives of BAME disabled children, their carers and families for over 35 years. The services include a range of recreational respite and educational activities for children and their families, which are offered alongside support and information services. The organisation combines cultural competence in working with the community with a workforce with the skills and knowledge to deliver services that meet the needs of disabled children and their families.

The organisation was formed in response to research undertaken in the Asian community by Health, Social and Asian community workers. The research identified specific needs of the families, who felt isolated by language and cultural barriers.

Khaas seeks to promote the comprehensive needs of BAME disabled children, their carers and families. The aim of the organisation is to promote the education, welfare and benefit of BAME disabled children and their families and also to bring together carers who are suffering from social isolation and depression. We aim to provide an opportunity for them to meet other carers who are in similar situations, socialise, share problems and experiences and give each other mutual support to ease the pressures of caring.

Khaas endeavors to offer equality of opportunity and access in all the work that we do. We regard each child, young person and adult as a unique individual and value the community and their personal background, including culture, religion, language, personal achievement and home experiences.

The project empowers and enables BAME children with disabilities and their carers to have access to relevant and appropriately designed community-based resources to improve their quality of life.

Khaas staff and management

Our staff team consists of two Project managers, an outreach Worker and a dedicated team of experienced sessional workers and volunteers. The project is supported, managed and guided by a voluntary Management Committee.

We liaise with other agencies and work in partnerships to provide a professional integrated service. Khaas works with Bristol City Council where we are part of the ‘Out & About’ short breaks for disabled children (5-19) consortia made of , Wecil, FACE and Sense. We work in partnership to plan and deliver play activities for disabled children and their siblings. We also plan outing and trips for families.


Khaas Staff

This organisation not only offers one to one support and non-judgmental advice, but the families are also encouraged to get over their feelings of guilt, shock, anger, anxiety and isolation of being a carer of a special needs child.

The most essential thing anyone can learn from our work is giving the Disabled children and their carer a platform to be able to say what they need; this makes a huge difference to the quality of their lives as it gives them the confidence to be able to discuss openly their needs and requirements. This in turn helps them to access services which they need. Khaas acts as advocates on their behalf.

At present we have over 190 families who are registered with us. On average about thirty Carers attend our sessions each week.

Feedback is gathered by verbal feedback, questionnaires, regular open meetings and regular discussions.

Khaas has a display/notice board which advertises our services and activities. This is displayed during the carers sessions and staff are regularly pointing out the different activities which are taking place.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide sibling/young carer and parental support.

The child/young person forms new friendships, improves social abilities and is encouraged to try different activities. They are able to express opinions, views and contribute to service design, delivery, choice and evaluation.

Khaas offers a range of activities for the disabled children and young carers. These activities are designed to be inclusive and structured so that each childs needs are met.

  • To empower and enable children and young people with disabilities and special needs and their carers, to have access to relevant and appropriately designed community-based resources to improve their quality of life.
  • To promote the educational needs of disabled/special needs children and their carers and to provide advice and information on a wide range of issues e.g., health and social services, respite, transport and welfare benefits.
  • To provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children with special needs and their siblings can play.

Many families feel isolated and stressed. Khaas provides a vital lifeline to these families. Coming out of their homes and taking part in regular physical exercise relieves tensions, stresses and strains and improves their well-being.

The impact of both physical and mental well-being is very positive and by providing a vital lifeline service where the carers can relieve their stress, share experiences and escape from feelings of isolation, will give them a sense of achievement and enhance their quality of life. Raising awareness of key health conditions and promoting physical activity and good health to ensure healthy communities. Thus, improving their well-being both physically and mentally.





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