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We forget our family problems when we come to Khaas and feel better just by talking to each other. My confidence has increased and I do not feel alone.

I felt isolated and struggled for information and didn’t know of any family with the same problem, but now thanks to Khaas I can share my problem with other mothers in the same situation. There is a wonderful atmosphere here.

We feel a lot better when we come to do keep fit and are much more health conscious than before. The health workshop are very useful.

I had not done any sewing for some time, coming to the Khaas sewing class has enabled me to rediscover my talent, I have learnt many new things by utilising what I already know. I have also learnt many new designs that are in fashion.

Khaas gives me a chance to get out of the house and leave my problems and worries behind for a few hours.

I really enjoy the keep fit classes and when I see other women taking part I feel more enthusiastic. We all work together.

Everyone within the group has a close relationship, it is like a big family with a homely atmosphere. The staff are great listeners they are always there for us.

The sewing tutor has helped me create new designs and I can cut and make my own clothes now more confidently, I really enjoy doing this. The time that I spend at Khaas enable me to forget my problems for a few hours and relax.

I like the sewing classes, making new designs. I enjoy having the chance to socialise so it’s fun
to be here.

I look forward to every Monday and Wednesday. Sharing my problems and stresses makes me feel better, and I think that if I couldn’t come and talk to everyone here I would surely be depressed. I have gained a lot and learned so much through this.

Khaas has been invaluable for me. I have learned many new skills these have enabled me to become an active Management Committee member, through meetings and Management Committee training.

I really enjoy the keep fit and health workshops, specially Aromatherapy. I have learnt new things which I have tried at home, this has been helpful to me and my family.

The Saturday playscheme for children with special needs is a very good scheme. I am able to spend more quality time with my other children. This also gives me some ‘me time’.

I felt that I was ‘different’. This made me very sad and isolated, but I was determined to do the best
I could for my child. I know that bringing up a child can often be hard, but it can seem even more
of a challenge if your child has a disability. I was new to England and couldn’t speak English.
A friend told me about Khaas, she said that they can help with all sorts of problems. I am now in contact with other parents of disabled children.

I came to England from Pakistan three years ago. I have a disabled daughter. I did not go out, I felt alone and depressed by myself. I worried about money. I was introduced to Khaas via a friend, they referred me to their benefits advisor who helped me to apply for Disability Living Allowance for my daughter. I didn’t know I was entitled to this. This extra income has allowed me to spend a little bit more on some of the necessities that I need.

I used to be lonely and depressed – but now I have made many new friends

I used to feel tired and frustrated, I used to blame myself every time I looked at my disabled child.
I was referred to Khaas by my Social Worker, by attending Khaas I have made new friends and
learnt new skills. I know that I can reach out and get help about anything whenever I need to.

Khaas staff are kind and sympathetic. They listen and help out where possible.

I can’t imagine life without Khaas

The Saturday playscheme is great, I really benefit from it as that time is precious for me, it is the only time which I have for myself

I can get run down by caring for the children, household chores, on Saturdays I get time for myself. I wish they could increase this

I can get run down by caring for the children, household chores, on Saturdays I get time for myself. I wish they could increase this

Khaas means special and by coming to Khaas I really do feel special and needed

I really enjoyed reflexology classes. I was suffering from hay fever and it has left me wanting more sessions

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