Saturday/Sunday Respite Care

Khaas Saturday/Sunday Respite, runs throughout the year, providing short breaks for families, who have children with disabilities and additional needs. The Saturday/Sunday Respite care is a valued service that we provide for many families who find it hard to access main line organisations due to language and cultural barriers, providing free time for parents and carers.

Khaas has a highly qualified and motivated staff team providing quality care for the disabled children. All the staff are DBS checked. The staff are continuously supported with additional training, to help develop their understandings, skills and enhance their personal development, which contributes to the efficient running of the playscheme.  Through training playstaff are kept up to date with current legislation, policies and procedures.

Khass has achieved The Bristol Standard Quality Improvement for Play Provision, this is achieved through providing evidence of positive practices within the playscheme.  This is ongoing and is submitted on an annual basis.

We have regular users forums and open days.  This is an opportunity for families to come together and meet other families, discuss any issues or changes that they feel need to be made.





Short break play sessions are held at specialist centres, Woodside Family Centre, Felix Road Adventure playground and the Vench. These play centres provide specialist play equipment in an environment appropriate for disabled children.

The children have access to the large outdoor play areas, as well as the indoor area. Khaas play scheme offers an extensive, Ofsted approved wide range of activities, for our children and young people to take part in, supporting them to develop their social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional skills.

Khaas is very keen to engage with the young children in consultation about activities and planning which in turn boosts their self-esteem and confidence, encourages them to make choices and take ownership of their play.

Included in the programme of activities are educational trips and outings, to explore and enjoy the wider world.



Benefits to children

  • Children would learn new things,
  • Acquire skills
  • Form friendships
  • Learn social skill
  • Educational benefits
  • Enjoyment and fun
  • Children will feel good about themselves
  • Children will feel proud of themselves
  • Children will feel good about their artwork
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